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Our biometric eye scanners and iDetect software (developed in tandem with Fortum Genus Labs) were able to gather the necessary medical eye images to train the artificial intelligence matrix to be able to recognize a SARS-COV-2 signature in the eye images with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

Up until spring of 2021 we were sourcing all of our images by way of volunteers in the Fayetteville area. iDetect recently developed an Andriod app that will allow users to donate their own biometric eye scans from their mobile devices.

The introduction of this app will greatly increase our number of images uploaded to our artificial intelligence matric. No longer relying solely on retinal scans at COVID testing facilities to improve the artificial intelligence matrix.

iDetect is a Fortem Genus Labs ( FG Labs ) company, which is a service-disabled veteran-owned corporation (SDVOSB). Together with Fayetteville State University (FSU), a constitute of the University of North Carolina (UNC) we have worked tirelessly to train, test, and develop this state of the art, eye imaging technology.



Don Feeney

CEO / Partner

Don has been a self-motivated and success driven business development manager in the corporate business sector for over 35 years.  Following his military career in the US military where he honed his leadership and operational skills in the US Army’s most elite Special Operation units, he’s been successful in leveraging those skills in developing multiple start-up companies that have grown to global operational status.  Harnessing his leadership skills, business ingenuity and utilizing his worldwide network of business partners and colleagues, he has been able to take what was an idea to Proof of Concept and on to Research and Development to form iDetect.  His marketing and business development skills has driven iDetect to the forefront of worldwide recognition as a new and innovative technology and AI company that is quickly proving to be the leader in disease screening and detection.




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Judy Feeney


Judy is a skilled Operations Manager with 30 years of experience managing all levels of multiple projects including administration, budgeting, project planning and operation implementation. She excels as a leader, possessing strong people management skills. As a competent multi-tasker and ability to work well under pressure, her project management skills and ability to troubleshoot problematic issues has proven to be a valuable asset in launching iDetect from startup through its various stages of development.  Her strength is in team building and resource acquisition to ensure identified goals are met with accuracy and project integrity.


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